Workshops for coaches

Let’s face it. Often the thing our clients most want to change isn’t just what they do, but how they think and feel.

  • Better Feedback

    They don’t just want to give feedback better— they want to fear giving feedback less. They don’t just want to learn to delegate, they want to feel secure and easy when they delegate. They don’t just want to appear more decisive, they want to be more clear about what they want.

  • Growth Edge

    Searching for a client’s Growth Edge illuminates the way clients think today—and how that thinking could change tomorrow. Using adult development theories as a key piece of our practice changes the questions we ask, the way we listen, the conversations we have, and even the thoughts we ourselves are having about the situation at hand. Those who are steeped in these ideas and practices find it makes them more compassionate, more helpful, and more supportive of their clients’ transformation.

  • Coaching Pathway

    Over many years we have developed the Growth Edge Coaching Pathway, consisting of three workshops that either stand alone, or combine as the Growth Edge Certification Program. We also offer occasional workshops outside the certification three. These are open to anyone at any time.

What Growth Edge coaches are saying

  • “I also wanted to thank you for your facilitation of the workshop and the wider programme. It has been a pleasure to see you in action. I deeply admire your knowledge of adult development theories, your ability to engage with the highly knowledgeable while not losing the novice, and very importantly your ability to lift and add to everyone’s perspectives on how to use the knowledge. It is this ‘this whole package’ rounded off with attention to application of learning and your generous sharing of your own coaching insights that I have found immensely helpful. Your ability to think, talk, support and gently challenge in each moment seamlessly, with a huge dose of humanity and good humour is so cool! You are an inspiration and I feel very privileged to have been learning from you.”

    Participant, Conversations at the Growing Edge, January 2017

  • “If you are looking for a masterful guide in growth and transformation then Jennifer is great company! Jennifer is a lover of who people are--and who they are becoming. This sets the scene for individuals and groups to learn deeply with and from her. She embodies an elegant blend of rich insight, generosity of spirit, warm-heartedness, and sense of wonder. ”

    Coaching programme participant

  • “It was a blessing to be in a room where the joint energy was so positive and full of potential for growth. ”

    Coaching workshop programme participant

  • “Jennifer's facilitation feels more like a group of people coming together on a journey of discovery, gently guided from time to time or challenged in a way that supports the participants' own discovery and expansion. The learning experience is grounded in evidence-based concepts that are played with and shaped in a new way by each learner. ”

    Coaching programme participant

  • “Jennifer's facilitation skills are the finest I've experienced. She is wise, gentle, and eloquent, and a wonderful teacher. Her leadership skills with a group are extraordinary - she is a very good listener, and is both highly original in her thinking and understandings, and also synthesises others' perspectives and frameworks with ease. She integrates both her fine intellectual, research and scholarly skills with her deep interpersonal and intrapersonal sensibilities, which in my experience, is a rare and invaluable combination.

    Coaching programme participant

  • “Working with Carolyn has been the most rewarding transformational growth experience in my adult life. She possesses an extraordinary talent for "seeing you deeply". Her skillful approach is caring and supportive, yet disciplined and intense, as she journeys with you to discover or build on your strengths and uncover and overcome barriers to living a fulfilled life personally and professionally.”

    Senior Executive, School District

  • “Growth Edge Interviews are a leading edge approach to creating new awareness. Well-grounded in theory, they also have a certain magical quality to them. In being interviewed twice, and participating in two GE workshops, I witnessed a rarified quality to these conversations where both the interviewer and the interviewee sense something new emerging. These rich exchanges reveal the subtle internal process of meaning-making itself. This witnessing provides some liberation from the long-practiced ways in which we construct our worlds. New possibilities are opened, and there is more space from which to see and act.”

    Participant Growth Edge Coaching Workshops

  • “The Growth Edge Coaching approach is revolutionary. From all the approaches that I have come across, this one is adding the most depth and relevance - to my clients and me. It offers a lens through which to see your clients and how they experience their worlds. As a participant, the personal growth was oceanic and lasting - it spoiled any other training situation for me - they always leave me wanting more of the GE-type learning experiences!"

    Participant, Conversations at the Growing Edge

  • “Growth Edge coaching workshops have fundamentally changed the way I think about my work. It has given me a powerful way to understand my clients' sensemaking, and a better understanding of how to offer them the support that might be most useful for their growth. Carolyn and Jennifer are brilliant teachers. Their wisdom, warmth and presence created an ideal learning space and invited us all to stretch into it. ”

    Participant, Conversations at the Growing Edge and Psychologically Spacious Coaching

  • “In my years as an executive coach, I have never seen a client make such startling and positive changes as I did following the Growth Edge process.”

    Senior executive coach, speaking about a VP in a major financial organization

Growth Edge Coaching Pathway