Growth Edge Coaching:
Take your leadership to a new edge

Transformational coaching for leaders and
practice-expanding workshops for coaches

  • Coaching for leaders

    Our transformative coaching process helps you thrive in a complex and uncertain world by understanding and growing your most important leadership asset: You.

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  • Organizational development

    Want to grow your leaders and your strategy to better handle the complex, fast-changing world? See how Cultivating Leadership supports organizations globally.

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  • Workshops for coaches

    Our workshops help coaches see their practice, their clients and themselves with new eyes in order to support their clients in a whole new way.

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Don’t take a chance on keeping up with the fast-moving world: Growth Edge Coaching will help you stretch into a better future on purpose

  • Insights

    The Growth Edge Coaching process offers you an entirely new way of understanding your patterns and making sense of those things that help you—and those that get in your way. Building on theories of complexity of mind and adult development, you’ll find powerful insights for a better tomorrow.

  • Road Map

    We all know that the first step to getting where we want to go is finding where we are. With a new sense of the architecture of your thinking, you can begin to design a road map to where you’d like to be. The map of your development helps you see where you are now—and create the road map to where you’d like to go next.

  • Opportunities

    Once you have a sense of where you are, new options open all around you. Ways that seemed closed suddenly open, and dead ends turn into new possibilities. With newfound agility and creativity, you can expand the solution set and find hidden openings.

What our clients are saying

  • “Jennifer is a pleasure to work with; she has assisted me to unlock knowledge about myself I didn't realise was there! She helped me to progress my life journey feeling supported and with added confidence.

    Operational leader, Government department

  • “Jennifer is a pleasure to work with; she has assisted me to unlock knowledge about myself I didn't realise was there! She helped me to progress my life journey feeling supported and with added confidence.

    Operational leader, Government department

  • “Jennifer's coaching gave me an insight into my own strengths and helped me understand that my way of being in the world is just fine thank you very much. The challenge is to "be" that way more consistently so it feels more comfortable--and Jennifer helped me work through that as well!

    Senior leader, Government department

  • “Working with Patrice is like calmly floating in a sailboat. She constructs an environment where a client feels contained and supported to courageously explore (un)known places where one's authentic self feels alive. Her approach is real and personalised; she draws from a range of psychological therapeutic practices, advanced knowledge of adult development theories, and an attuned sense of non-verbal cues and energetic awareness to facilitate client-directed change and transformation. During my professional transition, Patrice respectfully helped me to find the rivers I wanted to float on.

    Coaching Client, Sydney, Australia

  • “Carolyn does for me what I do for my own clients: exposes my biases, helps me find the true sources of my motivation, and emboldens me to achieve meaningful personal goals. Carolyn is successful because she cares, and she knows. Enjoy your personal journey! ”

    Senior leader, leading management consulting firm

  • “It didn’t surprise me that the experience was so useful because my coach had used it before and said it could be a big help. What surprised me was that it was also so engaging and even fun!”

    VP major technology organization

  • “This entire process is extremely helpful. I very much want to move into my Growth Edge. It’s not going to come naturally to me anytime soon anyway without giving it some help, some support, and really working on developing myself to reach that point. I welcome the developmental road map that would help me move into that direction.”

    SVP Major financial Corp

  • “Knowing about my Growth Edge has made me more intentional about my journey and maximized my potential to make a difference in the world”

    Executive director, NGO

  • “As an intensely private and reserved person, going through multiple significant transitions I found the Growth Edge interview and debrief to be an invaluable, insightful, and ultimately empowering experience. The interview enabled me to peel away layers of experiences to gain deeper insight into my relationships with people, value systems, and my own inner compass. The debrief helped me see not only what drives the choices I may have made in the past but also the possibilities for how I make choices in the future to my life overall. It felt truly like a gift and a privilege to have experienced this.”

    Executive, Middle East

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